Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Missing history and bookmarks in Firefox 3?

In case you just updated to Firefox 3 (openSUSE 11.0 beta2 includes Firefox 2.9.95 (Firefox 3 beta 5) and you wondered why are your bookmarks and history not working, here is the probable cause & solution. Firefox 3 uses sqlite back-end for history, bookmarks and other stuff. So doing zypper in libsqlite3-0 and restarting firefox should make them work again.


Marek said...

But it is bug, isn't it? It hsould be fixed in openSUSE spec. This is only workarround.

jano said...

I think so as well - bug 387715.

Michal ┼Żugec said...

And when you decrease Edit->Preferences->Privacy->"Keep my history for at least X days", it makes firefox young and fast again ;-)